Welcome to my website. My name is Barb Toczek and as you can tell, I take great pride in my dogs and their accomplishments. I have been involved with dogs my entire life and have been competing in AKC shows for over 19 years! I have been blessed to have worked with some top handlers in various breeds over the years. I am thrilled to take the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience that I have gained from them and incorporate it into my own life with the "Babyface Bandits".

I purchased my first French Bulldog in 2005. BonBon was the beginning of my obsession with the Black Mask Fawn Bandits! My personal goal is to produce and show quality Black Mask Fawn Frenchies; to be “known” for only having and showing these lovely masked dogs – “Our Specialty”. I’m currently owned by four wonderful Frenchies, all masked (of course) – be sure to check them out on their own pages.

I have also been breeding Chihuahuas for over 5 years and am excited to say that we are currently showing a few very nice puppies. Please be sure to visit Babyface Bling who is our resident Chihuahua.

I don’t breed often but when I do, I test dogs in our breeding program for any genetic disorders. I am one of the few Frenchie breeders who do this. I breed only dogs that are quality examples of the breed and my puppies come with a health guarantee.

All of my Frenchies have sound minds and bodies with beautiful heads, structure & movement. I believe that even Frenchies should be able to move gracefully!

References are available upon request. All companions are sold on strict spay/neuter contracts with limited registrations to protect the integrity of the breed.

And as always never hesitate to email me!! 


"We Are The Champions" by Queen

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